Forward Movement partners with a number of organizations in order to make available a wide array of offerings.


Anglican Theological Review

The ATR is a quarterly journal of theological reflection. In the spirit of sound learning that has been the hallmark of Anglican divinity, our aim is to foster scholarly excellence and thoughtful conversation in and for the church for over a century. Learn more.


The Center for Biblical Studies

Working with The Center for Biblical Studies founder, the Rev. Marek Zabriskie, Forward Movement first helped publish The Bible Challenge, a book which includes a daily meditation for those who wish to engage in a year-long adventure of reading the whole Bible. See our line of Bible Challenge offerings by clicking here. Learn more about The Center for Biblical Studies on their website.



Episcopal Church Foundation

Forward Movement markets and sells Episcopal Church Foundation print publications and eBooks, aimed especially at strengthening congregational leadership and building up stewardship. See our selection of ECF resources by clicking here or learn more about ECF on their website.



Episcopal Relief & Development

To support Episcopal Relief & Development in their work of providing quality Lenten devotional material, Forward Movement helps create a booklet which encourages Episcopalians to remember the needs of the world in their prayer life during Lent. To learn more about Episcopal Relief & Development, visit their website.




The Network for Christian Formation for the Episcopal Church and beyond. Forward Movement has partnered with Forma to bring the community Faith@Home, a weekly email that includes reflections and prompts for families.



Invite Welcome Connect

A ministry of relational evangelism and congregational empowerment allowing churches to become places of genuine connection for inviting the faith journeys and stories of everyone, enabling deeper journeys of Christian discipleship and enabling the Spirit of Christ to be at the heart of each church's hospitable mission of spreading the Good News. Forward Movement has partnered with Invite Welcome Connect to create a corresponding resource.

The Educational Center

A small nonprofit publisher of religious and spiritual instructional materials and resources for both youth and adults in the context of spiritual growth through personal transformation and renewal. We are all about the questions and the stories: your story and God's story and how and where they connect in the world of contemporary culture. Our resources are lectionary based and follow the 52-week Revised Common Lectionary.

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