Writer's Guidelines
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Forward Movement is an official agency of The Episcopal Church. Our flagship publication is Forward Day by Day, a daily devotional that offers meditations on scripture. More than 300,000 readers across the country and around the world use this devotional as part of the spiritual practices. In addition to Forward Day by Day, we publish books, pamphlets, and other materials with a focus on discipleship. We strive to provide insightful, engaging, and accessible content on a range of topics, including prayer, spiritual practices, stewardship, church traditions, emerging trends, and Bible study. Our materials are published in a variety of manners, including print, electronic books, PDF downloads, and smartphone applications.

For Forward Day by Day:
Selection of authors: We welcome new authors to the pages of our daily devotional guide Forward Day by Day. To be considered as a Forward Day by Day author, send three sample meditations in care of the managing editor (address below). Choose three of the following four biblical verses on which to base your meditations: Psalm 139:21; Mark 8:31; Acts 4:12; or Revelation 1:10. The editorial staff issues invitations to write for Forward Day by Day about a year in advance. 
Length: Space is limited. Each meditation, including the scripture passage, contains approximately 210 words. This does not include the date at the top of the page or the lectionary citations and Anglican Communion prayer request at the bottom of the page.
Techniques: Use concrete images, illustrations, analogies, and parables when possible. First person stories are very effective. Do not assume your readers are Episcopalians or Anglicans. Be sensitive to readers from other churches, non-Christian readers, and readers with limited education. Use inclusive language when possible. 
Controversial topics: Forward Day by Day is not the place to score points on controversial topics. Occasionally, when the scripture passage pertains to it, an author chooses to say something about such a topic. If you write about a hot-button issue, do so with humility and make certain your comment shows respect for persons who hold a different view.

For other publications:
Have an idea or manuscript? Download this PDF for information about how to submit your proposal.

We review submissions regularly, so you should expect a response within a four to six weeks of submission. If you haven't heard, please follow up to make sure the initial submission was received.

Send submissions to:
Questions? Call us at 800-543-1813

(Guidelines revised July 2014)


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