Hour by Hour

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This little book is a gem. It's small enough to fit in your coat pocket or bag and is quite handsome. It has leather binding, comes with a black satin bookmark, has gold edges and the title and a Celtic cross are stamped on the front cover in gold.

What's really gold, though, is that this book offers a short and simple way to pray the daily offices (morning, noon, evening, and compline) in a simple way. If, like me, you have found daily office books like Benedictine Daily Prayer or the Anglican Breviary to be too complex, "Hour by Hour" is for you. All the readings you need are included. No flipping through the book is required, nor do you need a Bible or other supplemental books. There is also a section of other prayers in the back--seasonal prayers, occasional prayers, and familiar prayers.

This offices in this book are brief and for some people they won't be enough. But using this book has given me a daily prayer routine and it has been invaluable.

The preface says it all: "Using this book daily will deepen your commitment. It could even change your life. Carry it with you wherever you go. You won't regret it." I completely agree--"Hour by Hour" is wonderful.
Elizabeth Moon 
Is HOUR BY HOUR available in large print?

Thank you for reply.

I may have a problem with text box below because I have Low Vision/AMD.
Linda Littlefield 

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