What Forward Day by Day readers are saying  


"Very often I feel as if the reflections were written expressly for me, aimed specifically at my concerns and struggles. These daily reflections and scripture passages have taught me a great deal about prayer, faith, and what it means to follow Christ."

"I look forward every morning to grab[bing] a cup of coffee and read[ing] my Day by Day and then pray[ing]. It's probably the most important thing I do every day."
"As the author of the month shares his or her thoughts, I find words that guide, challenge, and inspire me. These reflections help me stay close to God each day.

  "It has helped keep me centered in our cluttered lives."

"Somehow the writings capture the full range of human emotion-with all the hope, doubts, and aspirations that accompany me on my human journey. When I finish reading, faith is restored and hope is renewed."

 "It has pulled me out of despair; has been a beacon leading me forward in my life." 

 "It has given me a discipline of faith to set aside time each morning for scripture and a message that usually touches an aching spot in my soul. I try to go forward day by day."

 "Forward Day by Day brings order to my daily devotional life. The daily readings and accompanying passages from the Scriptures are truly, as the Psalm says, a 'lamp unto my feet'."

"It is an excellent way to slow down and start the day." 

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