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Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF)
The Episcopal Church Foundation seeks to bring about a growing number of healthy, vital, and vibrant congregations in service to God's mission with the capacity to empower and support their members to live out the Gospel.

Since their founding in 1949, ECF has formed a wide array of leadership and financial resource development programs, products, and services. Learn more on their website

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Product #: 2083
Price: $4.25
A charitable gift annuity enables you to make a substantial gift to your church, diocese, or any other Episcopal organization now, and receive guaranteed income for life. This pamphlet from the Episcopal Church Foundation describes how these annuitie...
Product #: 2089
Price: $10.00
Through a charitable gift annuity you can make a gift to your church, diocese, or Episcopal organization and guarantee yourself, or another beneficiary you name, an income for life. This booklet provides prospective donors with information about the ...
Product #: 2084
Price: $4.25
This pamphlet from the Episcopal Church Foundation explains how charitable remainder trusts work, details some of their features, offers an example, and lists where to get more information. A trust is a useful estate planning tool for ensuring the fi...
Product #: 2090
Price: $10.00
A charitable remainder trust allows you to make a significant gift to your local Episcopal church, diocese, or Episcopal organization while retaining the right for you and/or one or more designated beneficiaries to receive income payments over a spec...
Product #: 2033
Price: $15.00
This comprehensive manual from the Episcopal Church Foundation shows clergy and lay leaders the most effective ways to encourage legacy gifts. Set in a theological framework, it reflects on the opportunities a parish provides for members to express t...
Product #: 2082
Price: $12.95
Planned giving encompasses a variety of ways to create a gift to your church using accumulated resources. This pamphlet from the Episcopal Church Foundation introduces popular options for planned giving including a bequest in a will; life income gift...
Product #: 2087
Price: $10.00
Each Episcopalian has his or her own reason for supporting the organizations and ministries that they cherish. This Planned Giving booklet gives you a basic understanding and describes the different ways of giving through immediate, deferred, or life...
Product #: 2088
Price: $15.00
Writing a will can be a daunting proposition. It is also essential. Appointing trustees and executors, naming guardians for your children, and deciding how you would like your worldly goods distributed will give you peace of mind and relieve your lov...
Product #: 2085
Price: $4.25
This brief pamphlet from the Episcopal Church Foundation describes how pooled income funds work, details some of their features, offers an example, and explains where to get additional information. Sold as a package of 10 pamphlets
Product #: 2091
Price: $10.00
A pooled income fund "pools" your gift with others and is invested by a team of professionals. The fund pays you and/or chosen beneficiaries an income for life based on the performance of the investments. At the death of the final beneficiary, the pr...
Product #: 1951
Price: $12.00
This comprehensive guide is essential reading for both first-time and seasoned vestry members seeking to understand their responsibilities. Topics examined include the ministry of the vestry, leading in a community of faith, origins of conflict, stew...
Product #: 2086
Price: $4.25
Writing a will is a loving and responsible act for the sake of your family and to those causes you cared about during your life. This pamphlet from the Episcopal Church Foundation includes helpful suggestions about the steps to take before, during, a...