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Product #: 1895
Price: $1.99
Bereavement. Suicide. Depression. Terrorism. Betrayal. How do we make sense of out of devastating loss or injury? Seeking to shed light on the perplexing, painful, wrenching questions we are often left to ponder, this collection offers a kaleidoscope...
Product #: 2195
Price: $3.00
Charming, elegant, and full of mischief. this year's Episcocats are all that and more! Enjoy 15 months of napping, stalking, posing, climbing, and even praying from November 2013 through January 2015. This playful, witty, full-color, wall-hanging cal...
Product #: 2196
Price: $3.00
Bringing together the joys of the Episcopal tradition and our favorite canine companions, this 15-month (November 2013- January 2015), wall-hanging calendar features full-color photos of our faithful furry friends, accompanied by clever captions. Paw...
Product #: 2020
Price: $1.99
Let Praying Day by Day be your spiritual companion each day. Twenty-four authors reflect on life, faith, and God's grace- sharing wisdom, joy, tears, and laughter as the seasons change and the months pass. Share the spiritual practice of reading dail...