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Prayer & Spirituality

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Product #: 1939.1
By W. Paul Jones
Price: $2.50
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 5. The introverted nature of spiritual contemplation, silent prayer, and other such hallmarks of classic spirituality can be a real challenge for extroverted individuals who tend to be energized and refreshed through...
Product #: 1071.1
Price: $2.50
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 5. A 5.5" x 8.5" card with the service "The Administration of Holy Communion by Lay Eucharist Ministers" from The Book of Occasional Services. Includes additional prayers: For Strength and Confidence, For Those Who Li...
Product #: 695
Price: $1.00
A booklet of the Catechism-- the basic Episcopal teaching document-- and commentary on the creeds, as found in The Book of Common Prayer.Bulk pricing: 10 or more copies are 80¢ each
Product #: 1852
Price: $7.00
Priest, author, and spiritual director Frank Wade outlines the principles of successful marriages. The key, suggests Wade, is communication, and knowing when and how to talk with and listen to one's partner. This book is clearly intended to be both r...
Product #: 2017.1
By Nancy Roth
Price: $2.50
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 5. Our bodies are designed for worship and prayer, explains Nancy Roth, who offers simple suggestions on breathing, sitting, and movement that awaken our sense of the unity between body and spirit.
Product #: 1448.1
Price: $2.50
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 5. Centering prayer, also called prayer of the heart, is a form of prayerful meditation with roots in the 14th century that calls us to loving attentiveness to God in our lives. This pamphlet provides guidelines for...
Product #: 2283
By Paige Blair
Price: $8.00
Enjoy the icons from the covers of Forward Day by Day for years to come with our Icon Art Prints. Adorn your church or your home with this 8"x10" print of Christ Pantocrator. Full color, printed on glossy card stock, and ready for framing. This print...
Product #: 2278
By Paige Blair
Price: $3.00
Sold in sets of 5. Enjoy contemplative and meditative prayer with our Icon Prayer Cards. This beautiful prayer card has the icon Christ Pantocrator on the front, and the popular Forward Movement prayer "A Morning Resolve" on the back. The icon of t...
Product #: 1895
Price: $5.00
Bereavement. Suicide. Depression. Terrorism. Betrayal. How do we make sense of out of devastating loss or injury? Seeking to shed light on the perplexing, painful, wrenching questions we are often left to ponder, this collection offers a kaleidoscope...
Product #: 1335
Price: $1.00
The last prayer office of the day from The Book of Common Prayer. A perfect edition for meetings and group prayer. Bulk pricing: 10 or more copies 60¢ each
Product #: 2129
By Barbara Cawthorne Crafton
Price: $7.00
"The Benedictine life is at once profoundly spiritual and immensely practical: it expects its principles to bear fruit that transforms both the people within the community and the world outside."Barbara Cawthorne Crafton, author and Episcopal priest,...
Product #: 1800.1
By Gilbert P. Symons
Price: $2.50
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 5. A reprint of Forward Movement's classic first pamphlet, The Disciple's Way outlines the way of life for which all Episcopalians should strive. Drafted by Canon Gilbert P. Symons for the original Forward Movement c...
Product #: 2277
By Christopher Martin
Price: $9.00
The heart of The Restoration Project is Discipleship Groups. These are small groups that begin and end with the elegant liturgy found on these convenient cards. The liturgy includes vows to follow spiritual practices such as: prayer, friendship with ...
Product #: 145.1
Price: $2.50
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 5. Praying together forms a healthy spiritual practice your children will rely on for years to come. Selected for use by the whole family, graces and prayers include: Grace at Mealtime, For Our Family, A Blessing, For...
Product #: 2092.1
By Nancy Hopkins-Greene
Price: $2.50
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 5. Exploring fasting as a spiritual practice, this pamphlet answers common questions including: Why fast?, How do I fast?, How will I feel?, What are appropriate times for fasting?, and How does fasting fit in with ...
Displaying 1 to 15 (of 63 products)