The Team

Over twenty-five full and part-time staff members manage Forward Movement’s work, some stationed in offices in downtown Cincinnati and others around the United States.  Together, we edit and design the publications, market them, fill orders, and respond to the diverse concerns of those who call and write with comments and questions. We welcome suggestions from congregations and readers on how we can be of more use and offer better service. Contact us with comments, questions, or concerns at 800-543-1813 or

You can reach staff members by using their address, which is the first letter of the first name followed by the last name, and then " For example, "John Doe" would be "". For RenewalWorks staff, use the domain To reach people by phone, dial 800-543-1813 or 513-721-6659. There is an automated system to search for particular employees by name.

Office of the Executive Director

The Reverend Scott Gunn
Executive Director

Tania Z. Jones
Executive Assistant 

Editorial & Production

Richelle Thompson
Deputy Director and Managing Editor

Rachel Jones
Associate Editor 

Carole Miller
Director of Production

The Reverend Melody Shobe 
Assistant Editor

Hugo Olaiz
Assistant Editor, Latino/Hispanic Ministries


Jason Merritt
Marketing Directer

Theo Lambert
Social Media Missioner

Alyssa Finke
Marketing Assistant


Miriam McKenney
Development Director



The Rev. Jay Sidebotham
Director of RenewalWorks

Loren Dixon 
Associate Director of RenewalWorks

Samantha Franklin 
Administrative Assistant

Eric Arnson
Senior Advisor

The Reverend Clarence Langdon
Congregational Coach

Forward Movement Kids

Miriam McKenney

Business Operations

D. Jane Lyman Paraskevopoulos
Director of Business Operations

Barbara Hine
Assistant Director of Business Operations
(Accounts Receivable) 

Vicki Everett
Customer Service Specialist
(Forward Day by Day Bulk Standing Orders and Accounts Payable)

Amy Golden
Customer Service Specialist

Kathy Jose
Customer Service Specialist

Aleia Robinson
Customer Service Specialist

Peggy Sanchez
Customer Service Specialist

Debbie Springer
Customer Service Specialist 
(Forward Day by Day Individual Subscriptions)

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