The Book of Common Prayer, Braille
Vol. 7

  • 1262
  • Braille
  • In Stock


Divine Mother Azna, Please pray for me and my family, I have been pryniag to God to win or hit the Florida Fantasy five because this is the only way, that we will be able to afford a new car, we got all kinds of debts and to win the Lottery will really help us now in Jesus name. And the reason I have been pryniag to God to hit the lottery is because I have arthritis in my right knees which the bad one and I have it in my left knee, also and I am constantly in a lot of pain and I don't want to have surgery, so I have been pryniag to God for healing in both. So I need a car because I am not really have a hard time catching the bus, and I really don't know much about the buses. Thank you in Jesus name. It's really hard for me pray for us.
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