PRAY: Pilgrimage & Praise

Since the day we left Eden, the people of God have been trying to make our way back to the place we most deeply belong—to the literal dust of our making and the unfathomably deep heart of God. The travels and travails we witness throughout the Bible and see most clearly in the life of Jesus bring to mind a quote from spiritual activist and writer Ram Dass: “We’re all just walking each other home.”

Pilgrimages—and pilgrims—come in all shapes and sizes: Whether we embark on arduous journeys on desert paths or mountaintops or through the difficult terrains of the soul, we come to realize that the journey is the heart of the endeavor. This Lent, choose to walk with Jesus on a path of prayer, pilgrimage, and praise.

Are We There Yet

Resources to support the path of Pray: Pilgrimage & Praise
Are We There Yet? Pilgrimage in the Season of Lent: Fellow pilgrims share their stories: about following yellow arrows along the Camino and white blazes through the Appalachian Trail to bearing witness to the pain of historic lynching sites in the American South. Contributors recount their search for healing and wholeness at Marian shrines, in a reunion with birth parents, and around a prayer circle in a mental hospital.

Other resources for Pray: Pilgrimage & Praise:
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