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The Forward Day by Day podcast is available on all streaming platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and anywhere else you listen to podcasts.

We also offer other podcasts to center you in prayer:
A Morning at the Office: includes all three readings as well as bonus prayers.
An Evening at Prayer: Daily Evening Prayer according to The Book of Common Prayer
Daily Prayer: includes two readings and follows the same text as our app and website.
ChurchNext: discussions on a variety of topics in the Episcopal and Christian scope.
The Good Book Club Podcast: regular church-wide readings of selected books of the Bible.
Women and Angels of the Bible: This special series includes conversations betweens authors Lindsay Hardin Freeman and Kate Moorehead.

Available anywhere you listen to podcast.

Pamela A Lewis
Born, bred, and still living in Queens, New York, July's podcast reader Pamela Lewis loves and serves her church in various ways. She also fills her life playing classical guitar, reading hard-copy books, as well as those on her Kindle, and writing articles on religious art and on topics of faith.


What people are saying about our podcasts:

I LOVE, "A Morning at the Office"... I listen going to work every day.

I listen to both podcasts on my commute. So wonderful to be able to pray the morning office every day!

I so much enjoy the Day by Day readings in podcast form. Your reader has such a warm, down to earth voice.

Thanks so much for expanding (or at least making me aware) of your audio content. Keep it coming! This is a great evangelism tool as well when connecting with GenZ and millennials, esp. as a Gen X’r. When they want to know more about Jesus or the Episcopal Church it is easy to airdrop or imessage them the url that gives them the content they are craving a format they prefer. Thank You!

Participated in the Daily Office with real people, asynchronously, thanks to Scott Gunn and Forward Movement, this morning. Though I'm used to praying the office alone, I appreciated the voices of others, especially listening to them read the Scriptures.

I’ve been listening/praying on my walk in the mornings! I am so thankful for the resource.

This is a new and great resource for a dependable, 100% Book of Common Prayer, audio Morning Prayer podcast. Used it this morning.

I’m am using Morning Prayer on my way to work every day. It’s really a blessing to participate with others.

This has been such a wonderful way to start my mornings. Thank you so much.

Loved being able to both hear and read the readings following along on my phone. Will definitely make this part of my routine on days I don’t pray the office at church.

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