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Worship & Liturgical Resources

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Product #: 1071.1
Price: $5.00
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 10. A 5.5" x 8.5" card with the service "The Administration of Holy Communion by Lay Eucharist Ministers" from The Book of Occasional Services. Includes additional prayers: For Strength and Confidence, For Those Who L...
Product #: 695
Price: $1.00
A booklet of the Catechism-- the basic Episcopal teaching document-- and commentary on the creeds, as found in The Book of Common Prayer.Bulk pricing: 10 or more copies are 80¢ each
Product #: 1011
Price: $7.00
This package addresses the many concerns of children, families, and adults when considering the call to baptism.Includes five copies each of:- Baptism- Baptism: Monastic Wisdom- Family Prayer- For Godparents 20 items
Product #: 1250.1
By David H. Barnhouse
Price: $5.00
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 10. Readings for quiet preparation and meditation before communion and a moment of silence afterward. Ideal for chaplains.
Product #: 2031.1
Price: $5.00
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 10. This introduction to The Book of Common Prayer details its contents, describing the purpose and placement of the sacraments, the calendar, the Daily Office, seasonal texts, pastoral offices, Episcopal services, a...
Product #: 2071.1
Price: $5.00
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 10. Practical answers to ten common questions including: Why do children receive communion?, Should children take communion if they don't understand what it means?, and What if my child doesn't want to take communi...
Product #: 2007.1
Price: $5.00
All pamphlets are sold in bundles of 10. This pamphlet explains what marriage is and more importantly what it means to have a Christian marriage. Frank Wade makes clear that a relationship with God is central to the success of the loving relationshi...
Product #: 1335
Price: $1.00
The last prayer office of the day from The Book of Common Prayer. A perfect edition for meetings and group prayer. Bulk pricing: 10 or more copies 60¢ each
Product #: 1010
Price: $9.00
A collection of pamphlets and booklets pertinent to the education and understanding of those renewing their baptismal vows through confirmation. Includes one of the following items:- 5 Marks of Mission- Baptism- Belonging: Membership in The Episcopal...
Product #: 2192.1
Price: $5.00
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 10. This pamphlet offers insight into worship in the Episcopal Church, including general features of worship, along with common customs and practices - the reasons for them and tips about when you might encounter them...
Product #: 2277
By Christopher Martin
Price: $9.00
The heart of The Restoration Project is Discipleship Groups. These are small groups that begin and end with the elegant liturgy found on these convenient cards. The liturgy includes vows to follow spiritual practices such as: prayer, friendship with ...
Product #: 584.1
Price: $5.00
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 10. The opportunity to be a godparent or sponsor at the baptism of a child calls for thinking about your faith and the responsibilities you assume in this new role. This popular pamphlet offers helpful instruction ab...
Product #: 733
By Cathy Applegate, Shan Glandon, Joan Lippa
Price: $3.00
This booklet provides children with an illustrated version of The Holy Eucharist: Rite II. Each section of the service includes brief notes that provide context and explanation for what is happening.
Product #: 1714
Price: $20.00
Pray without ceasing with this compact edition of the Daily Office complete with prayers and psalms for one week. This beautiful little book, excerpted from The Book of Common Prayer, will enable anyone to say the hours every day: Morning Prayer, Noo...
Product #: 2193.1
By Donna Schaper
Price: $5.00
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 10. Keeping Sabbath may be one of the hardest commandments to observe. We live in a time famine, a 24/7 culture where the line between work and personal is blurred and shrinking. This pamphlet explores the importance ...
Displaying 1 to 15 (of 18 products)
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