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Pastoral Resources

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Product #: 1939.1
By W. Paul Jones
Price: $2.50
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 5. The introverted nature of spiritual contemplation, silent prayer, and other such hallmarks of classic spirituality can be a real challenge for extroverted individuals who tend to be energized and refreshed through...
Product #: 1071.1
Price: $2.50
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 5. A 5.5" x 8.5" card with the service "The Administration of Holy Communion by Lay Eucharist Ministers" from The Book of Occasional Services. Includes additional prayers: For Strength and Confidence, For Those Who Li...
Product #: 1852
Price: $7.00
Priest, author, and spiritual director Frank Wade outlines the principles of successful marriages. The key, suggests Wade, is communication, and knowing when and how to talk with and listen to one's partner. This book is clearly intended to be both r...
Product #: 1011
Price: $7.00
This package addresses the many concerns of children, families, and adults when considering the call to baptism.Includes five copies each of:- Baptism- Family Prayer- For Godparents- Baptism: S
Product #: 1888.1
By A.C. Babcock
Price: $2.50
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 5. Reflecting on her struggle with cancer, A.C. Babcock writes of how prayer transformed her ability to deal with her disease--bringing comfort, meaning, and recovery. "God remains with us no matter what," she assure...
Product #: 2109
Price: $5.00
Nathan Brockman, Janet Buening, Luke Fodor, Francisco Garcia, Shannon Ferguson Kelly, Lindsay Lunnum, and Melody Wilson ShobeWritten by parents of young children from their own unique perspectives and experiences, this booklet takes readers from "aaa...
Product #: 2007.1
Price: $2.50
All pamphlets are sold in bundles of 5. This pamphlet explains what marriage is and more importantly what it means to have a Christian marriage. Frank Wade makes clear that a relationship with God is central to the success of the loving relationship...
Product #: 2035
Price: $3.00
No one enters a marriage thinking of divorce, but for millions of wives and husbands, what began full of hope and life turns unexpectedly cheerless. Some marriages die. Those in the midst of a dying marriage often feel alone, as if no one has travele...
Product #: 1898.1
By Anne Weatherholt
Price: $2.50
Priest Anne Weatherholt addresses eleven misunderstandings about domestic abuse- lies perpetrated by abusers or told by victims to themselves- followed by the truth about what domestic abuse actually is, what it springs from, and what resources are a...
Product #: 2221.1
By G. Carleton Barnwell
Price: $2.50
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 5. Now in its 44th printing, this classic pamphlet was originally written by the Rev. G. Carleton Barnwell after his daughter was killed in a car accident on her way to school. First published by Forward Movement in ...
Product #: 2034
Price: $3.00
When a loved one dies, you may feel painfully alone, as if no one else has known such a loss. Join others who have been down this road--and have come out of it to another day, a day where the sun shines once again. At the time of your loss, that day ...
Product #: 2044.1
By Hawley Todd
Price: $2.50
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 5. Healing prayer is a transformative process of inviting God to be present in our lives. Healing is becoming the person God created us to be. Hawley Todd explores healing prayer and addresses frequently asked questio...
Product #: 2069.1
By Bob McGonagle
Price: $2.50
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 5. The homeless, like the rest of us, are children of God reminds Bob McGonagle, himself formerly homeless, in this much-needed resource. Addresses how you can volunteer, contribute, advocate, educate, respect, and p...
Product #: 1967
By Susan Bulba-Carvutto, Nancy Van Dyke Platt
Price: $2.00
Millions of families' lives are affected by their loved ones who are locked up from the world. In this resource, two mothers of incarcerated sons seek to address the hidden trauma, pain, and humiliation so many family members suffer through as they d...
Product #: 1013
Price: $7.00
Three resources for assisting couples prior to marriage and during marriage.Includes one copy each of:- The Art of Being Together- Christian Marriage- Marriage Service with Scripture Text 3 ite
Displaying 1 to 15 (of 26 products)
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