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Parish Resources

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Product #: 2172.1
By Katharine Jefferts Schori
Price: $5.00
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 10. Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori explores the Five Marks of Mission as a framework for the reconciling work God has sent us into the world to do--that's what mission means. She likens the 5 Marks to the ...
Product #: 2095.1
Price: $5.00
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 10. This introduction to the practice of intentional giving-- giving out of gratitude for all God has given us-- explains why to make a pledge to your church, ways to think about giving in general, and how to work to...
Product #: 2000
Price: $200.00
This five-shelf rack is lightweight and designed to hang on wood paneling, brick or plaster. Room for over 25 different pamphlets or booklets. Screws and wall anchors are included. Measures 22.5" W x 40" H x 2.5" D and weighs 18 lbs. UPS shipping and...
Product #: 1011
Price: $7.00
This package addresses the many concerns of children, families, and adults when considering the call to baptism.Includes five copies each of:- Baptism- Baptism: Monastic Wisdom- Family Prayer- For Godparents 20 items
Product #: 2275
Price: $2.00
Winifred Vergara, missioner for Asiamerica Ministries, answers questions about the basic tenets of the Episcopal faith, which helps us to share our faith with others and strengthen the Church. Being Episcopalian answers questions about church history...
Product #: 2061
By Donald V. Romanik
Price: $15.00
The future of the Episcopal Church depends on the raising up of fully committed, fully equipped, lay leaders. In this empowering book for both lay and clergy, author Donald Romanik explains the historical and biblical roots of lay involvement, outlin...
Product #: 2083
Price: $4.25
Sold as a package of 10 pamphlets. A charitable gift annuity enables you to make a substantial gift to your church, diocese, or any other Episcopal organization now, and receive guaranteed income for life. This pamphlet from the Episcopal Church Foun...
Product #: 2089
Price: $10.00
Sold as a package of 5 booklets.Through a charitable gift annuity you can make a gift to your church, diocese, or Episcopal organization and guarantee yourself, or another beneficiary you name, an income for life. This booklet provides prospective do...
Product #: 2084
Price: $4.25
Sold as a package of 10 pamphlets. This pamphlet from the Episcopal Church Foundation explains how charitable remainder trusts work, details some of their features, offers an example, and lists where to get more information. A trust is a useful estat...
Product #: 2090
Price: $10.00
Sold as a package of 5 booklets. A charitable remainder trust allows you to make a significant gift to your local Episcopal church, diocese, or Episcopal organization while retaining the right for you and/or one or more designated beneficiaries to re...
Product #: 2175.1
By Phyllis Tickle
Price: $5.00
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 10. The world -- and the Church -- are undergoing seismic shifts. Noted author Phyllis Tickle explores the movement of Emergence Christianity and how it might shape the Church of the future.
Product #: 1335
Price: $1.00
The last prayer office of the day from The Book of Common Prayer. A perfect edition for meetings and group prayer. Bulk pricing: 10 or more copies 60¢ each
Product #: 1010
Price: $9.00
A collection of pamphlets and booklets pertinent to the education and understanding of those renewing their baptismal vows through confirmation. Includes one of the following items:- 5 Marks of Mission- Baptism- Belonging: Membership in The Episcopal...
Product #: 2277
By Christopher Martin
Price: $9.00
The heart of The Restoration Project is Discipleship Groups. These are small groups that begin and end with the elegant liturgy found on these convenient cards. The liturgy includes vows to follow spiritual practices such as: prayer, friendship with ...
Product #: 2116
Price: $200.00
The Discovery Series is a video series designed to help all Christians discover their own path to a life in Christ. Use it as a foundation for new Christians, confirmation classes or continuing Christian education. The series places a remarkable reso...
Displaying 1 to 15 (of 31 products)
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