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Episcopal Church & Anglicanism

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Product #: 2172.1
By Katharine Jefferts Schori
Price: $5.00
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 10. Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori explores the Five Marks of Mission as a framework for the reconciling work God has sent us into the world to do--that's what mission means. She likens the 5 Marks to the ...
Product #: 695
Price: $1.00
A booklet of the Catechism-- the basic Episcopal teaching document-- and commentary on the creeds, as found in The Book of Common Prayer.Bulk pricing: 10 or more copies are 80¢ each
Product #: 1011
Price: $7.00
This package addresses the many concerns of children, families, and adults when considering the call to baptism.Includes five copies each of:- Baptism- Baptism: Monastic Wisdom- Family Prayer- For Godparents 20 items
Product #: 2275
Price: $2.00
Winifred Vergara, missioner for Asiamerica Ministries, answers questions about the basic tenets of the Episcopal faith, which helps us to share our faith with others and strengthen the Church. Being Episcopalian answers questions about church history...
Product #: 2191.1
Price: $5.00
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 10. People often ask what they need to do to become a member of the Episcopal Church. This guide answers that question and addresses many more, including Baptism, Confirmation, and membership from other traditions. It...
Product #: 2061
By Donald V. Romanik
Price: $15.00
The future of the Episcopal Church depends on the raising up of fully committed, fully equipped, lay leaders. In this empowering book for both lay and clergy, author Donald Romanik explains the historical and biblical roots of lay involvement, outlin...
Product #: 1478.1
By James L. Burns
Price: $5.00
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 10. Author James L. Burns explores the Bible, "one of the most owned, most quoted, most misquoted, most loved, most hated, least used-on-a-regular-basis books of all time."
Product #: 2203.1
By Scott Gunn, Eduardo Rivera, Ema Rosero-Nordalm
Price: $5.00
Vendido en paquetes de 10. ­Toda persona es bienvenida a La Iglesia Episcopal! En este folleto se encuentra una rese¤a de creencias, costumbres y pr cticas de La Iglesia Episcopal. Esta edici¢n especial est  escrita en espa¤oly en ingl‚s. Las ilustr...
Product #: 2031.1
Price: $5.00
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 10. This introduction to The Book of Common Prayer details its contents, describing the purpose and placement of the sacraments, the calendar, the Daily Office, seasonal texts, pastoral offices, Episcopal services, a...
Product #: 2175.1
By Phyllis Tickle
Price: $5.00
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 10. The world -- and the Church -- are undergoing seismic shifts. Noted author Phyllis Tickle explores the movement of Emergence Christianity and how it might shape the Church of the future.
Product #: 2159
Price: $30.00
The Book of Common Prayer is a guide to worship and devotion used in our daily relationship with God. The Book of Common Prayer can be complicated even for life-long Episcopalians and can seem even more bewildering for visitors and new comers. This b...
Product #: 1010
Price: $9.00
A collection of pamphlets and booklets pertinent to the education and understanding of those renewing their baptismal vows through confirmation. Includes one of the following items:- 5 Marks of Mission- Baptism- Belonging: Membership in The Episcopal...
Product #: 2155
Price: $30.00
The word "creed" comes from the Latin word credo which means "I believe." The Creeds are the statements that contain a summary of our basic beliefs. In the Episcopal Church we say both the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed in our worship. The Apost...
Product #: 2192.1
Price: $5.00
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 10. This pamphlet offers insight into worship in the Episcopal Church, including general features of worship, along with common customs and practices - the reasons for them and tips about when you might encounter them...
Product #: 1800.1
By Gilbert P. Symons
Price: $5.00
Pamphlets are sold in bundles of 10. A reprint of Forward Movement's classic first pamphlet, The Disciple's Way outlines the way of life for which all Episcopalians should strive. Drafted by Canon Gilbert P. Symons for the original Forward Movement ...
Displaying 1 to 15 (of 32 products)
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