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Twelve Days Of Christmas Mini-meditation Cards

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Wonderful simple gift for parishioners, fellow staff, friends. Also discovered a new meditative prayer technique: 1) Place box of cards on table, lid off, in preparation for putting sets in envelopes. 2) Leave room momentarily. 3) Return to find cat has knocked box off table and all 350 cards are scattered in random pattern on floor. 4) Spend time in between Christmas Eve services re-assembling them back into the 25 14-card sets in a sort of spiritual matching card-game. 5) Find pattern of the 12 Words deeply in memory by end of process.
Utterly engaging. I ordered on impulse.They will find their way to some of my parishioners.

The little video is wonderful too. Instantly raised my spirits.

A video of some of the offices which could be downloaded would be

very welcome. Margo

Absolutely brilliant! Lovely, engaging, meditative, simple, a great transitional object to reconnect those at the edges.
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