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Dog in the Manger
Finding God in Christmas Chaos
Tim Schenck (more information)
Jay Sidebotham (more information)
Product #: 2208
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-08802-8371-7
Pages: 96
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Price: $10.00
With laugh-out-loud humor anchored by spiritual truths, author Tim Schenck helps us maintain our spiritual sanity through the often-frenetic chaos of Advent and Christmas. Illustrated by popular cartoonist Jay Sidebotham, Dog in the Manger also explores the major characters of the season in new ways, including John the Baptist, Mary, Joseph- and of course, Jesus. Thoughtful questions following each section make Dog in the Manger ideal for personal reflection or seasonal book groups.

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Sounds like normal pclotiis. Illinois, for example, has half the population in the greater Chicago area, maybe 8% of the state surface. All the laws in the state are derived to serve Chicago's needs. Farmers suffer, people's rights suffer throughout the remaining 92% of the land. It's about the same in any state, which is why some states are considering internal regionalizing of the territory that their laws apply to/are voted for. Not sure it would help the church.
Just ordered one for my wife. I may order one for my old Nook. Do you think Tim could pick up a new Kindle Fire and sign it before sending it to me so I could have a signed copy of this book? He could even put the Kindle in a box with a bow on it!... Just a thought!