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Saint Augustine's Prayer Book
Newly Revised Edition
Product #: 2130
Format: Leatherbound
ISBN: 978-08802-8378-6
Pages: 492
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Price: $28.00
Saint Augustine's Prayer Book is a book of prayer and practice - with disciplines, habits, and patterns for building a Christian spiritual life. It will help you to develop strong habits of prayer, to prepare for and participate in public liturgy thoughtfully, and to nurture a mind and soul ready to work and give and pray for the spread of the kingdom. Saint Augustine's Prayer Book features "Holy Habits of Prayer," devotions to accompany Holy Eucharist, Stations of the Cross, and Stations of the Resurrection, and a wide range of litanies, collects, and prayers for all occasions. The newly revised edition includes the treasured liturgies and prayers of the original while offering some important updates in language and content. Revised and edited by well-regarded scholars David Cobb and Derek Olsen, the Saint Augustine's Prayer Book is a wonderful gift as well as a handsome addition to your own prayer book collection. Comes leather-bound with two ribbons in a gift box. Bulk pricing: 10 or more copies are $22.00 each
Also available on the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and iTunes.
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This is a must-have prayer book. It is the perfect companion, easy to carry, travels well and has such wonderful prayers and wisdom for daily life. I think if you have one prayer book only, this is the one to have. It is beautiful, leather-bound, gold cross accompanies a book of common prayer or missal well.The preparation prayers of holy eucharist are really good so it is always with me at service too. I glad I bought it and I think it will also make a great gift.
Rob Nelson 
I love my copy of the St. Augustine's prayer book. It was gift, and I will always treasure it. Clean lines, easy to read print, a beautiful style, and profound devotions. Even the box it came in, marked with a cross, says there is something special inside. And there is.
The Rev. Lindsay Hardin Freeman 
To this beautiful volume which introduced many to Marian devotion, and which gave expression to a more personal devotion not necessarily found in the BCP, new material e.g. Stations of the Resurrection has been added. The Litany of the Saints is updated to include holy figures from Hebrew Scriptures, the saints of Jesus one might call them, namely Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Moses, Miriam, and Aaron; Ruth and Naomi. Saints also included are Ignatius of Antioch, Polycarp, Alban. Perpetua and Felicity. Beloved Anglican Saints now includes the pairs: Richard Hooker and Lancelot Andrewes, Nicholas Ferrar and George Herbert, John Keble and Edward Pusey. The updated "Litany of Intercessions in the Night" puts more responsibility on us and is less judgmental. This newly revised edition represents a devotional treasure.
Dr. Deirdre Good, Academic Dean & Professor of New Testament, General Theological Seminary 
A wonderful, thoughtful revision. Thank you Fr.Cobb & Derek for your work on this instructive new edition that is sure to become the favorite of a new generation.
W.Stewart AHC 
I received my new edition of the St. Augustine's Prayer Book and it is beautiful.

However, I think fr. Cobb ought to have provided a list of changes, such as one gets with a software revision. I would particularly like to know what the "careful omissions" were.

Thanks you,

Harold Davey
Harold Davey 

Forward Movement has issued a revised edition of Saint Augustine's Prayer Book, a long out-of-print manual of prayers first produced by the Order of the Holy Cross. The new edition is rather splendidly printed, bound in leather, the pages edged in gold. For the moment, this manual of private devotions is the latest in a long succession of primers, the first of which were produced laboriously by hand in the medieval church. These primers were immensely popular. Indeed it is estimated that the first printed editions numbered in the thousands, no unremarkable fact given the limited number of literate lay people in England at the beginning of the sixteenth century. . Prayers are reproduced as they are found, some in traditional language, others in modern American. Much use is made of the prayer book's noon prayers and compline and its occasional prayers. Perhaps miraculously this creates a compendium of things old and things new which flows together with remarkable harmony. One may hope that Bishop Hilsey's ambition to instruct youth (and the not-so-young) so as "to know first the true honour of God, and to know the honour that belongeth to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to the Holy Saints,"may continue to find contemporary expression by the wide use of this admirable volume.
- The Rev. Anthony F. M. Clavier, "A Welcome Return," review of Saint Augustine's Prayer Book: Newly Revised Edition, by The Rev. David Cobb and Dr. Derek Olsen, The Anglican, Pentecost 2014, Book Review, 33-34.