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Star of Wonder
Sage Stossel (more information)
MARY LEE WILE (more information)
Product #: 2111
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-08802-8345-8
Pages: 44
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Price: $18.00
Imagine being a child during the time of Jesus' birth. What would you do if you saw the star? What if you had a chance to see the infant Jesus? Star of Wonder invites children to enter the joyful mystery of Epiphany through the story of Jesse, a young shepherd. Jesse's amazement after seeing the star is reflected in whimsical watercolor illustrations by award-winning cartoonist Sage Stossel. Star of Wonder will fill your heart with the joy of receiving the greatest gift of all.

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"With a poet's word-sensitivity, Mary Lee Wile imparts in this children's book what basic to science and religion, both: a sense of awe and wonder. In telling the Epiphany story of a likable shepherd boy's journey with three "strange men" to the Birth, Mary Lee's text imparts the mystery of light and darkness, coldness and warmth, finite and infinite. Her language draws us into the story and is fresh: wise men trudge, camels plod, angels are heard (not seen) - and the skies "sing." She evokes Hebrew and Greek scriptures - and great hymns as well. In the story's conclusion, the author gracefully brings the cosmic and the human together; and reveals the deepest truth of all: that the heart of the universe is warm. The kinship of the author with her niece illustrator is reflected in the spiritual "fit" of text and art work."
-The Rev. Al Niese
"I found the story well-told and the illustrations charming. I can see multiple uses for this title in Sunday school classes and in religious schools' libraries. It's a wonderful new Christmas story and a good springboard for talking with young children about the true meaning of the Christmas story."
c Library, York, Main