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Your favorite Forward Movement books are available on the Kindle, Nook, and many other devices using the Kindle and Nook apps. Get our most popular titles instantly through electronic delivery and enjoy them everywhere without any bulk or weight.

The Journey With Matthew
The 50 Day Bible Challenge

Take a journey through the Gospel of Matthew with fifty days of scripture readings, meditations, questions, and prayers. Twenty-five dynamic spiritual leaders and authors serve as guides, writing from around the world about the wisdom, lessons, and parables shared by Matthew, one of the great apostles and evangelists.

A Journey with Matthew is an extension of The Bible Challenge, a global initiative to encourage daily engagement with scripture and an exploration of the Word of God.

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Depending on the Grace of God
A Spiritual Journey throught the Twelve Steps

"The time has come for change. The time has come to grow in grace. To do that, we must, in all honesty, look at our addiction and admit the effect it has on our lives, our relationship with others, and our relationship with God. We stand at a crossroad: we need a direction and a map for our journey, steps to provide us a way forward."

Authors Nancy Van Dyke Platt, an Episcopal priest, and Chilton Knudsen, an Episcopal bishop, share insight and wisdom from their own experience as alcoholics in recovery and as faithful Christians on a journey. Using the Twelve Step program, they connect each step with an opportunity to depend on God's grace and guidance. The Twelve Steps are chart and compass for the journey through recovery and to God.

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Good News: A Scriptural Path to Reconciliation

Conflict is inevitable. Fighting is not. Episcopal Bishop Steven Charleston uses the teachings of the gospel to present a path to reconciliation that embraces justice, compassion, and forgiveness. This resource, for small groups or individual study, seeks common sense and common ground, even in the most difficult of arguments. The goal of the Good News process is to shift the focus of conversation from a deadlock of disagreement to the common ground of discipleship; to move a community away from demands for resolution through conformity; and to restore hope for reconciliation. Includes discussion questions, gospel reflections, covenants and prayers, and a Leaders' Guide. 

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 Forward Day by Day
February, March, April 2014

Inspiring readers since our first issue was published in 1935, Forward Day by Day remains a significant resource for daily prayer and Bible study to more than a half million readers worldwide.

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Lent Is Not Rocket Science
The 40 Days of Lent

An Exploration of God, Creation, and the Cosmos.

The season of Lent prompts us to ask questions, big and small, about the nature of our being, and about our role in the world. Astronomer, physicist and Episcopal Bishop W. Nicholas Knisely explores the intersection of faith and science, creation and the cosmos.

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I Will, with God's Help
A Collection of Meditations
For twenty years, Bo Cox has shared his spiritual journey- as a prison inmate, a recovering alcoholic, a man of faith, and a follower of Christ. Cox's writing explore one person's intentional and honest engagement in living out a life in Christ and inspire us to reflect on our own spiritual journeys. This anthology collects some of Cox's best writing for Forward Movement and views them through the lens of the promises made in the Baptismal Covenant.

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Saintly Scorecard
The Definitive Guide to Lent Madness 2014
Saintly Scorecard, our new guide to Lent Madness, features the biographies of the thirty-two saints in contention for the golden halo. It includes tips on how congregations and individuals can use Lent Madness as a devotional tool, as well as a handy glossary and fold-out bracket.

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The Restoration Project
A Benedictine Path to Wisdom, Strength, and Love
"So much in our lives has obscured our God-given beauty. The integrity of the likeness of God has broken apart, the foundation has not been firm. We have tried to fix things and often made it even worse, and the environment in which we live can be toxic, violent, and aggressive."

The Restoration Project explores The Twelve Steps of Humility, the heart of The Rule of Saint Benedict, revealing how this ancient guide leads to wisdom, strength, and love. The book weaves prayer, poetry, and art with contemporary stories of brokenness, joy, and discovery to guide the reader to a place of spiritual renewal. The book is a cornerstone of a national initiative, also called The Restoration Project.

This important work is the perfect guide for both individuals and group study.

Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and on iTunes.

Stars in a Dark World
Stories of the Saints and Holy Days of the Liturgy
"Stars in a Dark World illuminates for us those individuals who knew in their hearts the great love of God, who knew how far they were from perfection. They lived courageously, taking steps without knowing what would be accomplished, addressing the complexities of their world with singleness of purpose and understanding, and confronting the struggles of daily life because they were no more and no less. This compelling familiarity and intimacy invites us into the mystery of the gracious God who called the saints to maturity in Christ." -- from the forward by Bishop Richard F. Grein

Stars in a Dark World, by Fr. John-Julian, OJN, is the most comprehensive and detailed collection of the biographies of the saints and background information about the holy days of the Episcopal liturgy available today. This 700-page book is the result of over seven years of research and study, and covers all liturgical commemorations approved for use through 2006.

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Seeking God Day by Day
A Year of Meditations
Seeking is active; it requires endurance, patience, tenacity, and desire. By seeking God day by day, we commit to an active faith. This volume of daily meditations shares stories from the hearts of thirty-one authors - stories connected by our common quest to be in a deeper relationship with God. Our hope is that this book supports your journey as you seek - and find - God.

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Words... Words... Words...
No one wants to be called a scapegoat. But how might our understanding of the word change if we return to the biblical roots of the word and consider Jesus as the ultimate scapegoat?

Words... Words... Words... takes 12 common words such as scapegoat, icon, and friend and connects their modern meanings with their biblical roots. With short reflections and thought-provoking questions, this book is perfect for individual or group study.

Available on the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and iTunes.   

When Two or Three are Gathered
Spiritual Stories by Contemporary Episcopalians
From an eleven-year-old boy to a retired English teacher, from a former prison inmate to a future priest embarking upon prison ministry, this selection of stories offers a stunning series of vignettes that show how God touches and changes lives.

Complete with a set of workshops at the end of each chapter, this anthology not only offers a picture of contemporary experiences of faith lived in the Episcopal tradition but also encourages the reader to embark on his or her own writing journey. 

Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and iTunes.

The Spy on Noah's Ark
And Other Bible Stories from the Inside Out
Bible stories take on new life with this collection of eyewitness accounts from surprise sources: a dove, a lion, a stallion, and more. Using the ancient and imaginative art of storytelling, this book will delight children of all ages and begs to be read aloud. Adults will also enjoy these stories, and can use them to enrich personal and group Bible study. Discussion questions for children and adults are included at the end of each story, making it the perfect book for a church "On the Same Page" reading group or other intergenerational program.

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Wisdom Found
Stories of Women Transfigured by Faith 

"We are sisters, we share each other's burdens and know each other's trials." --Cathy George

Forty spirited women tell of everyday challenges, life's most profound joys, and its deepest sorrows  echoes of your own experiences, told sometimes in shouts, often in whispers, but always in voices luminous with faith and wisdom.

Find comfort and strength as they share stories of: finding a balance; work and play; motherhood; at the altar; iIlness, pain, and healing, grief and sorrow; lessons of the heart.

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Prayers for All Occasions
A handy guide to personal prayer- providing prayers, intercessions, benedictions, and litanies for a wide range of individual needs, among them family prayers and prayers for life events, church work, and other unique occasions. A helpful back index gives a convenient guide to prayers for special occasions, making it quick and easy to find the right prayer for the right time. Ideal for the individual seeking an organized plan for personal devotion or as a quick prayer reference tool for clergy. 
Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and iTunes.

The Bible Challenge
Read the Bible in a Year

Take a great journey through the Bible, a year-long reading adventure, with The Bible Challenge. Each day you will be accompanied by a meditation written by a church leader or biblical scholar. More than one hundred archbishops, bishops, deans, priests, and scholars have contributed essays.

The Rev. Marek P. Zabriskie, founder of The Bible Challenge and editor of this volume, believes that our lives of faith will be enlivened and expanded by a sustained encounter with God's Word. If you never thought you could read the whole Bible, The Bible Challenge is a wonderful way to embark on a holy pilgrimage joined by others from around the world!

Available on the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and iTunes.

Hour by Hour

"Pray without ceasing..." A compact edition of the Daily Office planned complete with prayers and Psalms for one week. This beautiful little book, excerpted from The Book of Common Prayer, will enable anyone to say the hours every day: Morning Prayer, Noonday Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Compline.

Perfect for prayer and worship at all times and in all places. An ideal gift for the regular worshiper and clergy alike.

Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and iTunes.

Moving Meditations
A 50 Day Journey
Sometimes it seems that we don't have time to pray, but this book will help you find space for God, even when you're on the go. Whether you're walking, cycling, running, or working out at the gym, movement can be an opportunity for prayer and reflection. Begin a fifty-day journey of activity with these daily meditations and spiritual practices.

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Changing Diapers, Changing Lives
Reflections for New Parents

Written by parents of young children from their own unique perspectives and experiences, takes readers from "Aah!" through awesome in thirty reflections that offer advice and insight, encouragement, understanding, and even inspiration, all underscored with wisdom and humor, faith and love.

Authors are Nathan Brockman, Janet Buening, Luke Fodor, Francisco Garcia, Shannon Kelly, Lindsay Lunnum, and Melody Wilson Shobe.

Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and iTunes.

Smoke & Mirrors
The Magical World of Chemical Dependency
Written by dependency counselor Dorothy Marie England, a recovering dependency sufferer herself, Smoke and Mirrors exposes the unreal world in which the dependent person lives and the tricks used to deceive self and others. Drawing from the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, England completes the circle of addiction recovery by clearly establishing the importance one's relationship with god plays in a full and freeing recovery, an important book for any leader and for those who deal with dependency in their friends and family.

Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and iTunes.


Walking with God Day by Day
A Year of Meditations 

Embark on a year of prayer. Our third book of daily reflections, Walking with God Day by Day features new, original, insightful meditations for every day of the year. Join twenty-one of our most beloved authors as they reflect on experiences of finding God in the everyday- sharing wisdom, joy, tears, and laughter as the seasons change and the months pass. You'll treasure this inspirational collection as it encourages your faith day after day.

Contributors include: Nancy Duvall, Scott Gunn, Nancy Hopkins-Greene, Noel Julnes-Dehner, Carl Kinkel,Ruth Lawson Kirk, Jason Leo, Robert Macauley, Sarah Bryan Miller, Penny Nash, Betsy Rogers, Tim Schenck, Richard Schmidt, Melody Shobe, Heidi Shott, Lois Sibley, Melissa Skelton, Rob Slocum, Stephen Smith, Lauren Stanley, John Van Nuys.

Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook.

Where is God Amidst the Bombs?
A Priest's Reflection from the Combat Zone
C. Neal Goldsborough, retired United States Navy chaplain and Episcopal priest, reflects on the experience of war through the lens of faith. "The questions war raises about the loving and omnipotent God," he writes in his introduction, "are the same in every generation."

Amazon Kindle,  Barnes & Noble Nook and iTunes.

Dog in the Manger
Finding God in Christmas Chaos
Christmas card trauma. Over-the-top decorations. Post-Christmas blues.
With laugh-out-loud humor anchored by spiritual truths, author Tim Schenck helps us maintain our spiritual sanity through the often frenetic chaos of Advent and Christmas. Illustrated by popular cartoonist Jay Sidebotham, Dog in the Manger also explores the major characters of the season in new ways, including John the Baptist, Mary, Joseph- and of course, Jesus. Thoughtful questions following each section make Dog in the Manger ideal for personal reflection, seasonal book groups, or a last-minute Christmas gift.

Amazon Kindle,  Barnes & Noble Nook, and iTunes.

From the Holly Jolly to the Holy
Meditations for Advent and Christmas
Has the good cheer and the holiness of Advent and Christmastide been lost in the busyness of the season? Then this devotional book is for you - and for everyone who wants to reclaim this time as sacred and joy-filled. Explore Advent and Christmas through the lens of St. Nicholas and scripture, embracing true generosity, re-learning about giving of our hearts, not just from our wallets, and finding the holy in the midst of the secular traditions.

Amazon Kindle,  Barnes & Noble Nook, and iTunes.

Stations of the Cross
From ancient times, Christians have made pilgrimages to holy places. In the medieval period, when pilgrimage to Jerusalem was popular, people there began to walk the traditional path Jesus took from his arrest to his passion and death. Because not everyone could travel to Jerusalem, the church began to offer local pilgrimage liturgies - Stations of the Cross. Stations of the Cross can be said as a private form of prayer or as a public liturgy.

The version of the service in this booklet comes from the Saint Augustine Prayer Book. While it differs slightly from the version found in the Book of Occasional Services, the text is based on the same sources.

Available on the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and iTunes.   

Disciples on the Way 
40 Days of Lent

"In Jesus' earthly life, he taught his followers that discipleship required commitment, sacrifice, and a determination to turn the world toward God. Jesus' message to us is much the same, so we are called to spend this season of Lent learning how to serve Christ intentionally, faithfully, and joyfully." -Carol Mead

Experience a Lenten journey that will prepare you to walk throughout your life as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Carol Mead reflects on discipleship and the season in these daily meditations for the forty days of Lent.

Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and on iTunes.

From Ashes to Hope
40 Days of Lent
We are "marked for salvation," reminds pastor John Windell in this series of short stories and vignettes on Christian discipleship for Lent 2012. With the down-to-earth, personal voice of a storyteller, Windell guides us on a challenging Lenten journey sure to inspire Christians of all backgrounds."I am eager to encounter the God who reconciles everything in heaven and on earth, and who is ready to meet us in every moment."

Author John E. Windell is a retired United Methodist pastor living in southern Indiana. He also serves as an overseas missionary in Tanzania, where he has developed an annual pastor's retreat and works establishing new churches.

Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook.

Good Lord Deliver Us 
40 Days of Lent

Good Lord, Deliver Us offers daily reflections for our Lenten journey guided by the heart and vision of thirty-two timeless petitions from Thomas Cranmer's Great Litany. Authors Leonard W. and Lindsay Freeman offer strength and encouragement for our walk to the cross as they look at the many ways in which deliverance comes to us. Like the Great Litany itself, their reflections speak of human frailty and holy grace, of the longings and aspirations of our human hearts, and of the transformative power of God's abiding love.

Available on the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and iTunes.

Joy of Heaven, to Earth Come Down
Meditations for Advent and Christmas

The seasons of Advent and Christmas invite us to expect the holy in every aspect of our lives, says author Margaret Bullitt-Jonas, and because of the Incarnation, all creation is filled with the presence of God. The reflections and Scripture passages in Joy of heaven, to Earth Come Down calls us to both a daily practice of prayer grounded in reverence for the earth and to intentional living in harmony with the natural world.

Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and iTunes.


Cheer our Spirits: Make Safe the Way
Meditations for Advent and Christmas

"Beyond waiting and longing, Advent invites us to journey and sing along with Mary and Joseph as they answer God's call... Christmas comes, bekconing us to live into the joy and proclaim it with our very lives."

Longing and joy are both part of the journey through Advent and Christmas. Francisco J. Garcia, Jr., explores that journey through familiar hymns and carols, the songs and stories used during Latino festivals such as Las Posadas, and other cherished traditions of the season.

Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and on iTunes.

Disponible en español en Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, y iTunes.

The Stillness We Seek
Meditations for Advent and Christmas
Cathy H. George invites us to come in from all that goes on outside this Advent, to simply be in the present time- keenly aware of ourselves as we wait with God. Guided by the Psalms, she travels back to her past, reflecting on the moments and memories that have shaped her faith and offering spiritual support for all who seek stillness.

Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and iTunes.


Heart of a Pastor 
A Life of Edmond Lee Browning

When a genial, red-headed Texan, recently ordained an Episcopal priest, set off in 1959 with his wife and three young children to do missionary work in post-World War II Okinawa, he didnt know it was the beginning of a journey that would take him to assignments around the world and lead to his election as the twenty-fourth presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church. Edmond Lee Browning, known for his pastoral heart and his declaration of No outcasts, steered the church through challenging issuesracial, gender, and sexual equality, ordination of women to the episcopate, nuclear arms proliferation, warand bitter controversy as traditional understandings of faith, human sexuality, and Americas place among the nations came under siege. An unflinching advocate for the powerless, he advised not only his fellow Episcopalians, but U.S. presidents and world leaders in a ministry that spanned the continents and earned him international love and respect. Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrooks authorized biography, The Heart of a Pastor: A Life of Edmond Lee Browning tells this remarkable mans story through the Browning familys own words, excerpts from historical documents, and the lively anecdotes and intimate recollections of those who knew him best.

Available on Amazon Kindle & Barnes & Noble Nook.