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Forward Movement Story

To Reinvigorate the Church

The Story of Forward Movement

HUNDREDS of thousands of people, on every continent of the globe, read Forward Day by Day. Most of them know little else about Forward Movement. Today Forward Movement offers a variety of brisk, easy to digest publications on discipleship and related topics. The ministry originated as part of an effort to “reinvigorate the life of the church” at a time of dwindling energy and vision. It has evolved over the years and it continues to evolve today. Here is the story of Forward Movement from its origins amidst the Great Depression into the twenty-first century.

1 How a Weary and Divided Episcopal Church Gets Reinvigorated
2 First Forward Movement Publication Sets the Standard of Clear, Concise and Accessible Language
3 A Once Sleepy Episcopal Church Begins Moving Forward Day By Day…
4 Forward Movement Commission Becomes Forward Movement Publications
5 Forward Movement Editor, Gilbert Symons, is the First of Many Notable Successors