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New Children’s Book from Forward Movement

Forward Movement is pleased to announce the release of The Spy on Noah’s Ark: And Other Bible Stories from the Inside Out by award-winning author Lindsay Hardin Freeman. 

Bible stories take on new life with this collection of eyewitness accounts from surprise sources: a dove, a lion, a slingshot, and more. Using the ancient and imaginative art of storytelling, this book will delight children of all ages and begs to be read aloud.

“There's nothing more important than helping the younger members of our faith communities to know the stories so crucial to our Judeo/Christian heritage,” Freeman said. An Episcopal priest and award-winning writer, Freeman wrote the stories in The Spy on Noah’s Ark from both a mother’s perspective and a deep love for the Bible. “These stories were first bedtime tales for my children, then used as Vacation Bible School subjects at our church.”

Freeman added, “I think just about any age group could benefit from reading the stories in The Spy on Noah’s Ark, as they are meant to showcase a bit of biblical humor as well as draw all of us closer to God.” Discussion questions for children and adults are included at the end of each story, making it the perfect book for a church “On the Same Page” reading group or other intergenerational program. The book also features original illustrations by artist and priest, the Rev. Paul Shaffer.

“We're delighted to share this collection and to have it be one of the cornerstones of Forward Movement's new offerings to children and families,” said Richelle Thompson, Managing Editor. “Already, I've cozied up with my own kids, listening to them read the stories and then talking about what God is saying to us today. Children often approach life with fresh eyes and perspectives. Using narrators such as a whale, the slingshot, and even Mount Sinai helps readers—kids and adults--understand the familiar tales of the Bible in new ways.”  

Ms. Thompson revealed plans for more kids’ books and resources by Forward Movement: “In August, we will launch a website with resources, new books, and fun downloads for kids and adults to grow in faith together.”

Several children, parents, church staff and clergy have offered rave reviews of The Spy on Noah’s Ark. Here’s what the Rt. Rev. Michael Hanley, Bishop of Oregon thought:

“As a storyteller, I appreciated reading and reflecting on the biblical stores as told by Lindsay Hardin Freeman. I can easily imagine adapting these tales for oral storytelling events to the delight of children and adults alike. Conversations following the events will come a live with the help of the excellent questions accompanying each story.”

Lindsay Hardin Freeman has won more than thirty writing awards for journalistic excellence. She has contributed to Forward Day by Day and other Forward Movement publications, including Wisdom Found: Stories of Women Transfigured by Faith. To order copies of The Spy on Noah’s Ark, visit or call 1.800.543.1813.