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Product #: 2289
Price: $15.00
Take a journey through the Gospel of Matthew with fifty days of scripture readings, meditations, questions, and prayers. Twenty-five dynamic spiritual leaders and authors serve as guides, writing from around the world about the wisdom, lessons, and p...
Product #: 2212
By Bo Cox
Price: $12.00
For twenty years, Bo Cox has shared his spiritual journey- as a prison inmate, a recovering alcoholic, a man of faith, and a follower of Christ. Cox's writing explore one person's intentional and honest engagement in living out a life in Christ and i...
Product #: 2180
By Lindsay Hardin Freeman, Paul Shaffer
Price: $10.00
Bible stories take on new life with this collection of eyewitness accounts from surprise sources: a dove, a lion, a stallion, and more. Using the ancient and imaginative art of storytelling, this book will delight children of all ages and begs to be ...
Product #: 2188
Price: $16.00
Seeking is active; it requires endurance, patience, tenacity, and desire. By seeking God day by day, we commit to an active faith. This volume of daily meditations shares stories from the hearts of thirty-one authors - stories connected by our common...