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Product #: 2372
Price: $35.00
Used in conjunction with the In the Spirit of the Circle Workbooks, this poster set presents new ways of understanding and responding to the wide, beautiful diversity of faith and formation that are the cornerstone of Anglican spirituality. This res...
Product #: 2376
By Richard Kunz
Price: $8.00
While Robert's Rules and other practical guides for meetings and administration are valuable, God's grace is what transforms vestry members from church managers to pilgrims on a faith journey. In God's Grace and Robert's Rules, author Richard Kunz of...
Product #: 2394
By Scott Gunn, Melody Wilson Shobe
Transforming Questions is an exciting adult formation course designed to help both new Christians and longtime churchgoers move into deeper life in Christ. Over the course of ten sessions, participants engage the basic questions of the Christian fait...